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Calendar of Events (pista/festival)

Pistas are part and parcel of Filipino culture. They are one of the traditions that originate from the people who occupied not only Cebu but also the Philippines, in general.


Sinulog Festival

Cebu City, Cebu

The festival is held every year on the third Sunday of January. The festival is characterized by a  very long parade with many groups of persons dressed in colorful costumes, finding their way through the streets while dancing the Sinulog. The festival is characterized by a different dance, which is a traditional and ritual dance in honor of Santo Niño. The dance is accompanied by the sound of the drums: all the time moving two steps forward followed by one step backward.

Tagbo Festival

Poro, Camotes Island, Cebu

Tagbo Festival in January celebrates the founding of Poro town through a street dancing parade that reenacts the reconciliation of two warring tribes.


Visayas Travel and Tour Fair

SM Trade Hall

A three days festivity showcasing the different tourism attractions, products, destinations and facilities, tour activities in the region presenting its unique historical and cultural assets.

Cebu X International

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel

Cebu X is organized annually by the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc. (CFIF), the primary support organization and professional business partner of the Philippine furniture export industry in the last 30 years. It is composed of 182 furniture and furnishings manufacturing and exporting firms, and subcontractors.  Already on its 16th year, the show though faces tremendous challenges. Aside from space limitations, the quest to churn out innovative materials and designs of which the Cebu X is famous for, continues. Find out why Cebu is called the 'Milan' of Asia in furniture design. 


Soli Soli Festival

San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu

Soli Soli Festival in March pays tribute to the soli-soli, a lake grass that grows on the sides of Lake Danao in San Francisco town. A street dancing with a choreography that imitates the movement, harvesting, and weaving of soli-soli is displayed in dazzling colors and intricate steps.

Mt. Manunggal Trek

Mt. Manunggal, Balamban, Cebu

A mountain trek in honor of the death anniversary of the country’s popular president Ramon Magsaysay whose plane crashed in Mt. Manunggal in 1957. As much an outdoor party as an adventure, the Manunggal trek is a reunion of sorts bringing together the many trekking clubs based in Cebu. 


Kadaugan sa Mactan

Mactan Island, Cebu

Every year, the city of Lapu-Lapu stages a reenactment with canon fire and mock sword fights between island warriors and Spanish conquistadores on the shores of Mactan island.  The proud chieftain Lapu-Lapu defeated invading forces of Ferdinand Magellan on April 27, 1521.  Watch the stage version performed in songs and dance in 'Kadaugan sa Mactan', an original full-legth musicale in the rich Cebuano language.

Buhing Kalbaryo

Cebu City, Cebu

In 'Buhing Kalbaryo', a musical version, actors plays the roles of a 'singing' Jesus Christ and Roman soldiers. Some real-life penitents have themselves tied to wooden crosses to atone for their sins.  Join others in quiet prayer at garden monuments with Stallions of the Cross depicting the passion, death and joyous resurrection of Jesus.

Passion of Lent/Pasko sa Kasakit

Bantayan, Cebu

It is celebrated during Holy Thursday & Good Friday. A religious procession of life-size images of the death and passion of Jesus Christ carried in richly decorated & lighted carrozas.


Mantawi Festival

Mandaue City, Cebu

Mandaue City celebrates history as a Port City where Spanish galleons used to dock with its precious cargo of spices.  Named after mantawi, a vine that used to flourish in the area.


(Celebrated Nationwide)

Catch a colorful parade of celebrities and society personalities dressed in Filipiniana-inspired gowns by Cebu's top designers.  By tradition, the Reyna Elena, as major sponsor of the celebration, leads the parade of 'princesses' to culminate a nine-day period of prayers to the Virgin Mary. This festival grew out of Catholic devotion to Mary, to whom the month of May is dedicated.


Cebu Business Month

Cebu City                 

A project of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI), held annually, the event is conducted to celebrate the business and economic success of the province and to communicate that success to key publics within and outside Cebu.

Camotes Cassava Festival

Tudela, Camotes Island, Cebu

Held with the aim of creating awareness among the people on the different uses and economic opportunities offered by cultivating cassava.


Banig Festival

Badian, Cebu

A celebration of Badian's annual fiesta, showcasing the Cebuano and Badianganon culture, tradition, delicacies and local products, especially its famous mats (banig).

Cebu Goes Culinary

One of the biggest culinary events down south. Sponsored by the Hotel, Resorts, Restaurant Association of Cebu (HRRAC).  Hundreds lined up at the registration booth as early as 8 o’clock in the morning to visit the various displays of the foods service companies led by Unilever Foodsolutions.


Dinagat Festival


A festival characterized by streetdancing and an interpretative dance competition based on the fishing rituals and culture of the Cordovanhons. The town honors its patron saint, San Roque with rituals, prayers and dances that recognize His intercession in giving Cordova fisherfolk a good catch.  Fishnets and bancas go on display in a unique street parade.

Mandaue Charter Day

Mandaue City, Cebu

The eras of growth of Mandaue are showcased in floats, moving dioramas on top of 10-wheeler trucks, papier mache higantes and dances all flowing to a vigorous, unique drumbeat.


Cebu Megasale

Shop 'til you drop! The whole month is a bargain festival.  From the hustle of colorful markets with fruits and flowers to designers boutiques, malls and handicraft centers.  Cebu gives the shopper a range of choices at prices that will please.  Every purchase becomes a prized possesion.  Malls offer a Shopping Passport that give a special Visitors Discount.


Sinanggiyaw Festival

Dumanjug, Cebu
The name Sinanggi-yaw is taken from two old Cebuano words, Sinanggi meaning abundance of harvested agricultural products of our farmers and Sayaw meaning dance. Through street dancing and field presentation, performers shall dance merrily bringing all the Sinanggi-performance focused on three aspects: planting, harvesting and thanksgiving.

Halad Festival

Talisay City, Cebu

The feasta is in honor of Sta. Teresa de Avila.  Savor the best of the Filipino party table-lechon. Talisay City's roast pig is the undisputable best-golden brown, crackling crispy skin, tasty meat from secret stuffed herbs. Family recipes are well guarded and handed down from generation to generation.  Find out why Talisay deserves to be the lechon capital of the Philippines.


Queen City International Run

Cebu City

More fun & funky than the Olympic in effort. Runners from all over the world join the 13- kilometer marathon. Cash prize awaits the first to cross the finish line.

Nuestra Señora de Regla Fiesta

Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

Celebrated every November 20-21 in honor the patroness of Opon. This religious and social event reveals the deep religious faith of the people and their penchant for merry making. A food fair, carnival, procession, and a coronation of the Fiesta Queen highlight the festivity

Kabkaban Festival

Carcar, Cebu

It is celebrated every November 24-25 in honor of the town's patron, St. Catherine of Alexandria. Carcar town is noted for its old Spanish style houses in the quiet countryside setting. During fiestas, the residents would invite friends, relatives, and town visitors into their homes to taste popular local delicacies. A lively and enjoyable event.


Missa de Gallo

December 16-24 (Celebrated Nationwide)

Misa de Gallo (Dawn Mass) is a Filipino yuletide tradition that starts on the 16th of December and culminates in a midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Roman Catholics attend the daily mass at three or four in the morning. Upon exiting the church, the hungry is enticed by the sight and smell of puto bumbong and bibingka (native delicacies made of sticky and glutinous rice sold nearby).

Pasko sa Sugbo

Cebu City

An annual Christmas celebration by lighting & decorating the main thoroughfare in Cebu, starting from the Capitol Building down to Plaza Independencia. Other activities include nightly cultural shows by the different schools, parol, Christmas tree & daygon competition.

Christmas Food Street Festival

Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City

Pasko sa V. Rama

Cebu City

On the street, compare different versions of the traditional belen, life- size manger scenes along a well-lighted V Rama Avenue. Residents hold a contest every year for the most striking, creative tableaus.